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Become a Thinking School

Staff Development & Support to embed explicit thinking skills into the curriculum

There is a growing realisation that if students merely memorise the content of the subjects they learn at school, this is no longer enough to achieve academically, or in life. They are now being exposed to more complex problems for which there aren’t easy answers. Not only are they required to think more effectively for themselves, they also need to master working collaboratively with others. This is impacting on education around the world, for which a new approach is required.

Both the relatively new CAPS curriculum, and the IEB thinking skills exams in South Africa acknowledge the need to actively develop critical thinking skills. However, until now, it has not been clear how school management and staff build these thinking skills into teaching and learning practice. To meet this need, Thinking Schools South Africa was formed as a national non-profit organisation by cognitive education specialists, as a collaborative community of global and national experts.

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TSSA taps into globally proven teaching pedagogy and offers practical training with a clear implementation strategy. TSSA Trainers are teachers – including Deputy Heads – who have implemented these thinking skills in their own classrooms and schools, and now train other schools as well, so they enjoy strong credibility with your staff.

We empower schools to embed critical and creative thinking into daily teaching and learning in the curriculum. Extensive international research and local experience has shown that most training interventions do not have a lasting impact, primarily because they have been implemented as an ‘add on’ rather than a ‘build in’.


TSSA enhances good practice that is already taking place, and – most importantly – adopts an approach that sustains more effective teaching and learning methodology, dynamics and culture. Our approach is being adopted from pre-primary level all the way through to matric. 

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