Management Team Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is largely about helping clients to clarify what their point A is (current reality); what their desired point B is (their vision), and then taking them on a facilitated and practical journey from where they are to where they want to be, overcoming obstacles in the process and maximizing their potential and their resources.


Empower your school management team and / or governing body to:

  • ​Develop clear motivating and actionable goals
  • Identify and maximize strengths and address gaps.
  • Manage change and continuous improvement, from vision-building to embedded culture and practice.
  • Ensure they remain focussed on the target, monitor progress and negotiate adjustments as necessary.
  • Have difficult but important conversations effectively.
  • Identify opportunities for further coaching, development / workshops eg. EQ, Thinking Skills-based IT integration, project and research skills, etc.
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Juliette Gyure is an accredited ICF and Comensa coach, an Integrative Enneagram practitioner and a facilitator/ coach for Thinking Schools South Africa. She specializes in working with people and organisations undergoing significant change and transition.


People being coached by Juliette / TSSA are put in touch with the full extent of their internal and external resources and develop a resilience, flexibility and growth mind set which can be sustained.  Juliette has empowered private individuals, corporates, NGO’s and schools to overcome challenges and develop inspiring growth goals.​ 



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